Think again when you ask yourself whether times have truly changed when speaking of racism. This new trend of black independence in film, means the exploration of race in this new era took to that of being another revolutionary Blaxploitation shift that has shaped these methods of expression and attended mainly to the desires, ambitions & uncertainties of the African American community. It also speaks of and illustrates various experiences, achievements and provides an alternative point of view from the black man’s perspective as some mainstream filmmakers do not want coloured actors or actresses in their films. This then proceeds to drive a ‘stick it to the man’ mind-set that was depicted in many films from the 70s. This may have been because in very early films made by those outside the African American municipal, black people were often portrayed as lazy, unintelligent and loud or immoral, destructive, and obnoxious as well as being portrayed as criminals or thugs in the mass media. It has come to black people now being depicted as the thug, the criminal or the fool who usually dies first.

Although sometimes there is a comedic take on these stereotypes it does affect the portrayal of coloured people.


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